Ron  Berg

Ron Berg

Executive Director, ACT

In his position with ACT Ron brings together independent insurance agents, insurance carriers, software vendors, and other industry groups to advance the use of the most effective business processes and technologies.
ACT facilitates work groups which develop independent agency resources and help drive the industry forward. ACT’s free tools for Big ‘I’ independent agents enhance productivity, service, marketing, sales, and security. A key focus for ACT is to keep informed on the strategic trends that will drive future consumer expectations and business opportunities.

Prior to ACT, Ron worked with MetLife Auto & Home for almost 20 years, advising on future technology strategies and advocating for effective agent workflows. He has also long been involved with insurance industry workgroups and associations such as ACT, AUGIE, the ID Federation, the Insurance Digital Revolution, the Real Time/Download Campaign, and numerous other user group conferences. Ron has a wide technology background in computer operations, systems programming, technical support, and project management.